BLS Mining Technology
Engineering projects and supervision of construction works of mining plants.

Engineering project allows you to get detailed plans for building from scratch, reconstruction or modernization of your factory. Our experts take into account many factors that ensure the efficiency and accuracy of your project, which leads to the launch and operation without problems. We have the experience and knowledge to provide modern solutions and technical specifications optimized for the requirements and operating conditions of your project.
We provide working design drawings with information required by contractors for the manufacture, assembly and installation of materials and equipment, ancillary buildings and related infrastructure for processing plants. These drawings indicate operating and maintenance requirements while respecting local safety standards during construction.

We have an extensive technological expertise, which allows us to integrate mechanical, technological, structural, electrical and civil engineering.

Our team of experts:

- Will develop working drawings of the factory and service buildings, including earthworks, concreting, steel structures, mechanical, electrical and measuring components

- Develop optimal power and water distribution plans

- Prepare imitation of production

- Will conduct geotechnical and mining mechanical tests

- Ensure that the project complies with the specified health, safety and environmental requirements

Be sure that the construction or modernization of your production is designed to meet all the necessary construction requirements.

Cooperating with us, you get:

- Innovative solutions for solving technical and logistical problems

- Early identification of potential design problems that will reduce the cost of making changes during the construction phase

To reduce operational and financial risks, as well as clarify the cost of work, contact us today.