About BLS Mining History, Achievements and Goals

The first division of BLS Mining Technology Group appeared in 2009. For a long time we worked as an independent LLC, and as an operating company we entered into the Alliance Group of Companies (gold mining, oil production, platinum). The name has repeatedly changed, one after another 5 groups of TOP managers came, but the most valuable remained - our professional team.

----- From the beginning of the company’s foundation, we have been servicing enterprises, purchasing foreign equipment and materials, organizing deliveries in the difficult conditions of the Russian north.

----- Gradually, the main direction has developed - China. His development priorities were obvious.

----- The parent company has been restructured. We began to act independently and survived the crisis years due to experience and professional experience.

----- Worked in all directions, from the Far East to Germany.

----- In 2015, we completely transferred the company to the PRC, and began to develop in Celestial Empire a well-developed direction on the basis of existing partnerships with manufacturers and customers from around the world.

Over the years, we have gone through a good school in practice and are proud of our achievements.

----- 2008-2012 Participated in the modernization of the Khabarovsk refinery.

----- 2014-2015 We were engaged in the reconstruction of the field for the Artel miners Amur and Aldan Golg.

----- Fulfilled small and larger tasks on projects in Africa, Australia, USA.

----- Summary turnovers for 2017-2018 increased from 8 to 15 million dollars a year.

Today, we pass on our many years of experience, of which we are proud, to young specialists, and are preparing a worthy shift.

The main goal that we set for ourselves and to achieve which we are moving quickly and irrevocably is to become not just a noticeable, but a leading player in the Africa market, Australia, the USA and other countries of the world.

BLS Mining Team

The company employs an expert team of 15 people. We increase the number of employees only if we understand that this is an inevitable necessity. We prefer to solve all problems with a small but as highly qualified team as possible. BLS Mining executives, engineers and project managers:

----- received a decent higher education, are certified specialists;

----- graduated from additional specialized courses for advanced training, special training;

----- have many years of practical experience of successful work in the mining industry with leading enterprises in the world.

Knowledge and application of the latest technologies, modern workplace equipment, updated software and other professional tools help us to quickly and successfully cope with professional duties. They save human resources.

  • ----- We work in a coordinated manner, make informed decisions, and are ready to share our accumulated experience and knowledge with clients, partners, and colleagues.
  • ----- Our priority is maximum flexibility and transparency, full satisfaction of customer needs, fulfillment of tasks with a high degree of customer loyalty.

Supplied products for representativesmining industry

BLS Mining implements proven equipment from the leaders of the profile market of China. It undergoes a thorough professional selection for quality and reliability. Additionally, we offer consumables in our catalog. Choose the right one for your tasks. Buy:

------ ball mills, screens, conveyor belts;

------ buckets, lining, teeth, cutters, bearings;

------ drilling tool, drill bits, drill rods;

------ grinding balls forged / cast, lining of mills;

------ calcium hypochlorite, sodium cyanide, teurea;

------ slurry, hydraulic and chemical pumps;

------ undercarriage, tracks, shock absorbers, gearboxes;

------ filter cloth for filter presses, filter elements;

------ spare parts for mining machines (crushers and mills);

------ caustic soda, activated carbon and other products.

Among the most demanded products, we highlight: calcium hypochlorite, Jumbo tires (OTR), grinding balls, crushers, mining equipment, filter presses, filter paper, spare parts for mining equipment.

------ All products and consumables pass control before shipment, come with a manufacturer's warranty.

------ We are expanding the list of our manufacturing partners, but we work only with reliable and trusted brands.

------ We follow the path of comprehensive service. Ready to provide everything you need, removing the load from the supply departments.

We will find a manufacturer who will perform replicas of products of leading world brands without complaints about quality, reliability, and service life. These will be really high-quality copies.

Features of interaction with the customer
and completing tasks of any difficulty level

BLS Mining Technology Group accepts applications from enterprises and organizations operating in the mining industry of different countries of the world. We solve any problems in terms of volume and complexity, including global ones. Among our customers there are many world famous companies, such as: BARRICK, NEWCREST, GLENCORE etc... we work directly with a some of them, with others through intermediaries (for political reasons), but still we consider them to be our customers.