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China is now becoming a very important supplier of new technologies and equipment in the mining industry. Here last year they developed the world's first multi-purpose explosion-proof robot for working in mines. It can turn 360 degrees in place, helps to perform even the most difficult work, and also serves as a shelter for people in cases of emergency. And this is just one example of many. Large Western companies have long appreciated the quality and low prices of manufacturers in China. And order mining equipment, spare parts and consumables only here. Many Russian companies also come to the conclusion that it is very profitable to cooperate with suppliers from China. But how to find those manufacturers who provide quality products? After all, products from China are famous not only for reasonable prices, but also for the fact that here you can get not exactly what you expect.

It was in order to find in China the best product that meets all the stated characteristics, or order its production at a proven company, and the company BLS Mining Technology was created. The head office is located in the city of Shenzhen.

A team of professionals who work in the market of mining equipment, spare parts and consumables for mining in China for over 15 years, thoroughly studied this market. During this time, found reliable manufacturers. The quality of goods checked many times. We have selected only those industries that hold the brand, supplying large companies from around the world with their products from year to year.

The Eastern mentality is different from the Western. For a newcomer to a foreigner in the Chinese market will be quite difficult. Here are their rules of negotiation, their agreements, values ​​and rules. If you do not know all these nuances, then you can lose a lot of time, effort and money. That is why we offer to use the services of BLS Mining Technology. We will become a translator for you, as well as the best guide in the world of Chinese mining equipment, spare parts and consumables for the extraction of minerals. We will select reliable manufacturers, make a product review and help determine the most optimal choice. We became official representatives of the best of the best industries.

How is the cooperation with BLS Mining Technology?

Production in China

A team of professionals will help draw up a technical task and will conduct the selection and verification of manufacturers of mining equipment, spare parts or consumables for the extraction of minerals. Further on the selected productions are ordered test samples. The customer can check and test the quality. Then those plants that are chosen by the customer are carefully checked. And recommendations are made for each of them. The level of installed equipment, the qualifications of employees are checked, reviews are reviewed and a report is made about which large companies order products here. BLS Mining Technology gives only recommendations, the final choice is always up to the customer.

Then BLS Mining Technology agrees with the selected manufacturer all the nuances, and also completely controls the entire production process. Proven logistic schemes can reduce the cost of shipping goods to any country.

Ordering Finished Products in China

BLS Mining Technology selects a reliable supplier of necessary products from China. We cooperate only with proven manufacturers. The contract is concluded directly with one of the Chinese companies, which allows to minimize the cost of the purchase.

Customs Brokerage Services

We will prepare for you all the necessary documentation for shipment. At the same time, we will provide the documents necessary for customs clearance and accounting in your country.

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Please tell us your tasks and needs. The more information you provide, the more accurate and detailed we will prepare a solution.

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